Friday, May 3, 2013

What makes me uncomfortable

Hello lovelies!

Today I am linking up with Jenni from Story of My Life and blogging about things that make me uncomfortable. You can click HERE to check out her May daily challenge. This challenge is called "Blog everyday in May." I'm a few days late on the challenge, but I am really hoping to keep it going throughout the rest of the month because it is already so much fun!

1) People who stare. When people stare at me, I find it sooooo incredibly awkward. Like, why are you staring at me? CREEP! Just kidding, but seriously. It's creepy. Don't stare at people, its awkward and also kind of rude. I feel like your judging me...

2) Not being in control. I know Jesus knows what He's doing and all, but I am the biggest control freak out there! I love having a plan, and Jesus has been teaching me lately that its OKAY to not have it 100% down. It definitely makes me uncomfortable, but He is teaching me to get used to it.

3) Spiders. Spiders TERRIFY me. You thought you were afraid of them? Well think again, I am on a whole different level than you probably are. If the spider is bigger than even a dime then its required that I have male assistance immediately to terminate the little guy. I cannot sit in a room knowing there is a spider above me watching me. It is extremely uncomfortable.

4) Angry people. When people have a bad attitude, it not only makes me uncomfortable, but I also do not want to be around them. Life is short people, make the most of it! Life ain't no pity party, it's a joyful party! :)

5) People who drop the F-bomb every other word. Okay, this drives me crazy. Its like they are doing it too just seek attention or something, because why else would you need to say that word every 5 seconds? Its tacky, and especially unattractive when I see the opposite sex doing it as well.

I think that about sums it up. I'm loving this challenge, and I am really thinking I will I'm going to continue it throughout the rest of the month! So much fun!

Have a beautiful day my lovely friends!



  1. i think this is a beautiful challenge! I am excited to see you post everyday about new things! and yes, i find it really unattractive when people feel the need to cuss every other word.

  2. I can really relate to the first and last ones. Cursing in general is just so unnecessary and ridiculous.

    This is a neat challenge! :)

    God bless,
    Joy :)