Tuesday, May 21, 2013

when God writes your love story: new blog series ❤

Hey guys!
I hope you are all having a beautiful day.
I wanted to share with you guys a couple new purchases of mine, that I am REALLY excited about.
Over the weekend on Saturday, I felt the Lord calling me to go buy a new journal here in town to write my thoughts to Him in. If y'all have been keeping up with my previous posts, I mentioned that I wanted to buy a cute new journal so that I would be more motivated to spend quiet time with the Lord.

Well, I went to TJ Maxx and bought the cutest one! What do you guys think?! :) I love the floral print.

This journal has already inspired me so much in my relationship with God. Not only is is super cute, but it just has become very special to me. It even has the phrase "Journal" written on it. Do you guys journal in your relationship with the Lord a lot? Let me tell you friends, Jesus truly wanted me to buy this journal. I can feel my relationship with Him becoming more intimate as I write my heart out to Him in it each and every day.

That same Saturday, a book that I ordered off Amazon about a week ago came in the mail, and I was THRILLED. I literally said "Thank you Jesus!" as I opened the mail box and saw that my book had arrived so soon. (lets be real, Amazon usually takes at least 2 weeks!) The book is called "When God Writes Your Love Story," By Eric and Leslie Ludy. Let me tell you friends, this book is already LIFE-CHANGING.

Yep you read my words correctly, this book is LIFE-CHANGING. I don't throw that phrase around often, friends. This book has already revealed to me several very important truths to me as a single woman of God: First, If I want to be prepared to meet my prince charming, I must fall in love with the one who created my heart first. Second, I can start loving my future husband today, RIGHT now, unconditionally. Your probably thinking: "What the?" But let me tell you friends, by doing this this we are not only preparing ourselves to meet our future prince charmings one day, but we are also guarding our hearts as well. If we as single women really believe that God has hand picked our future husbands out for us and they are out there in this world right now, then we need to start loving them TODAY. How can expect for God to bless us with our future husbands if we are running around dating different boys all the time? We can't. 

But please, don't take that the wrong way. I ain't no miss perfect over here! I have screwed up many times in the past by dating the wrong boys, and I have become emotionally involved with boys that God never intended for me to have anything to do with.  I am to the point where I am just plain tired of getting my heart hurt, and I am ready to start loving my future husband today. I'm ready to give God the permission to be the author of my love story. I trust that the Lord has hand picked out my future man for me, and that he is out there wondering when he will meet his future princess as well. God wants us to prove to Him that we are not only ready to meet our future husbands, but also that we trust Him enough in this area of our lives to give Him full and total control to write our love stories for us.
That being said, I am excited to start with you guys a new blog series this week based on my new book by Eric and Leslie Ludy. I will feature questions, thoughts, and just share with you guys the AMAZING things the Lord is teaching me through giving Him the permission to write my love story. Let's do this, single ladies! I love being single and in a relationship with Christ, but sometimes it can be lonely being single. Sometimes I just desperately wish God could insert my future husband into my life right now. Sometimes, I just want to cry about it (and then I actually do).  I can't wait to live out my real-life fairy tail with my future husband one day.

What are your guys thoughts on meeting your future husband? Do you really believe he is out there right now, waiting to meet you? and to my ladies reading this post who are already taken, I'd love to hear some of your advice to us single ladies on being single and in a relationship with Christ. This post is not just directed toward the single ladies. I would love to hear from the ladies who are taken on some godly wisdom about being single and having the patience to wait on the Lord's and His timing to bring us the godly man He has picked out for us to marry one day!

No friends, it certainly isn't going to be easy giving God the pen to write my love story. I am prepared for many tough times ahead, as God teaches me to be more patient in this area of my life. I am willing though Lord. I am ready to give you permission to write my love story.


  1. I love this girl!! So proud of you for taking this leap of faith to surrender your future hubby and relationship to Him. He has great things in store for you!

  2. Girl I'm so excited that you're going to start doing this!!!! I know I've found my man but through all of that I've realised the importance of waiting on Gods timing and how sweet the reward is when you do!!! I was so impatient when I was single to get to the next season. But mine and Eds relationship came in Gods timing and I know that in the time we were both patient about waiting for the right time to start our relationship, God built up our friendship and our faith in a way that's been such a blessing to our relationship now!

    I wish that I hadn't wasted so many years beforehand chasing boys that God didn't intend for me! I'm super excited about this series! The book sounds awesome too xoxo

  3. You are going to love this book!

  4. It really is a fabulous book, Jess! I've read it and many others like it! If you want more suggestions when you're done with this one, you know who to ask! :)

    1. Gorgeous journal, too! As soon as I saw it I wondered if you'd gotten it at either TJ Maxx or Ross! :)

  5. I love your new journal! I feel like my relationship with the Lord has improved through journaling and recording sermons. It's amazing to look back through it and see how many prayers God has answered for me!

    I LOVED reading that book by the Ludys and I can't wait to join your blog series on it! I don't know if my future husband is out there, because I feel God calling my heart towards evangelism & ministry. Only God knows if He wants me to stay single or not, but if He wants me to get married, He already knows who it is!

  6. I'm so excited for your new series! As I begin to enter a new stage in life where relationships are much more real than fairytales, I need all the guidance I can get!

  7. I totally agree with you in that waiting is really, really hard! I don't really get jealous of girls that are in very physical or un-Christian relationships, but I will be honest here in saying that an area where I have let my sin get the best of me is by being jealous of girls I know that are in pure, Christian relationships with special guys. One of my best gal friends from college this year is dating a very nice Christian guy. I definitely don't have a crush on her boyfriend, but I can say that jealousy of their sweet relationship is something I struggle with even now being home on summer break. I too just want a nice guy to treasure me the way that he treasures and respects her, you know?! But this summer one of my goals is to just be content in being single, and confident in waiting for God to bring a Godly guy into my life.

    Can't wait to read more of this series, friend! That is too funny about you ordering that book on Amazon... just today I ordered a similar book called "Get Lost" by Dannah Gresh on there!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  8. Loving your attitude SO much on this subject! I really can't wait to hear more from this series friend! I always feel like my love story is harder because Matt was the one who actually showed me to Christ, instead of me already knowing Christ and waiting on a man. I believed in God, but wasn't saved yet, and God put Matt in my life to show me Jesus. God's love story for each person is so unique, which I love SO much. It can be hard sometimes, but pray and wait on the Lord's timing :)

    I actually wrote a post to single ladies a while ago! Here's the link: http://juliekobe.blogspot.com/2013/03/all-single-ladies-put-your-hands-up.html

    1. This is exactly what happened with my boyfriend and I, only the other way round! He believed in God but wasn't saved!

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