Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ask me anything! :)

Hi there blog friends!
How are you today?!

Well, for me, all I have to say is: Blaahhhhhh

That about sums up how I have been feelin' lately. 
     Jesus has been working on my heart in SO many different ways. I'm not joking. 2 weeks ago, my heart was in a COMPLETELY different place than where it is now. Isn't that crazy? I think it is. Jesus is totally showing me who I really am deep down and who I have been all along. Part of me was scared to allow that person come to life again, because that meant making myself vulnerable. But I've learned that if I'm not making myself vulnerable then I'll never be happy. Jesus calls me to be vulnerable. There's no getting around it and that's a good thing, because being vulnerable requires that I love on people more and I LOVE people!! 
     So today, I'd like to give you all the opportunity to ask me anything! Then I will respond to whatever you ask me in a VLOG later this week! Don't be afraid to get personal, because you all know I am the farthest thing from being awkward!! I am also very open about my past and what I've been thorough. So whether its just a simple question about myself and getting to know me, or a well thought out one question, I'd love for you to ask me it!! I did after all graduate with a degree in communication-AKA I love to communicate with others and be around people AND make new friends! Yay! So friends, here's to you: ASK away!!! You can ask me questions anonymously if you would like as well, it doesn't matter to me! :)

     You can ask me these questions by posting here on this blog post, or through twitter, or through Instagram! If none of you have nothing to ask me, that's cool too. I just thought I'd give you the opportunity to get real up in here and ask me some questions about myself!  

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I love you all!  
Love always, Jess


  1. Hey Jess... I'm from South Africa and I came across your blog and it really just touched my heart. The way you love Jesus is so refreshing, it seems so new and exciting! I used to feel that way when I became a Born-again Christian and gave my life to Christ. I did so many things that I'm not proud of, but the day I cried out to Jesus, and asked Him to come live inside of me and make me new, the day I confessed and told Him I believe He died for me, was the day my life changed so completely. And that was in 2006... I'll be 7years old in my walk with Jesus on the 8th of September. But it hasn't been easy. There are times where I've felt so stagnant, like God wasn't seeing how desperately my heart was crying out for Him, and how much I needed Him. I could go on forever. But I know He loves me. He shows that everyday by giving me breath, and another day to live and make Him known. But that excitement I used to have, that newness, and being giddy with the awesomeness of it all... It's gone. And I really want it back. How do you keep your walk with God fresh and so alive? You've mentioned here on your blog so many challenges that I faced, struggles that I've dealt with, and sometimes I just wish God would just completely make me more like Christ NOW, without having to go through all these things. But I know it's for my own good. I don't have a blog, but would like some advice. You can just reply on your comment box. Thanks. Olwethu

    1. Hey Olwethu! I'm really sorry it took me so long to get back to you, and I really hope your able to read this comment. Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my relationship with Jesus, it really means a lot. First things first, I just wanted to tell you that based on what your telling me you have experienced since you accepted Jesus into your heart seems pretty normal. When I accepted Jesus into my heart 2 years ago- things did not immediately become pretty and nice. I had A LOT of rough times that I had to go through in order for God to re-align my heart back to Him. Just because I had accepted Christ into my heart, didn't mean that immediately my heart was healed and I was in a better place. For me and my story, Jesus has carefully and patiently used these last two years to invade every area of my heart that needed restoration. There have been a lot of tears, anger, and doubt, but God has never given up on me and He never will with anyone who lives for Him. It wasn't until pretty recently I realized that I had unknowingly closed a couple doors on my heart that Jesus had been knocking on for quite a while. Once I finally allowed Jesus to come into these doors, I felt so great. Today I too still experience times where I feel "stagnant", I think every Christian does! Faith is not easy. Trust me friend I'm right there with you on wishing God would immediately make us more like Christ. The hard truth is that we MUST go through the challenges He places in front of us, or we will never learn, let alone grow in any way in our relationship with Jesus. I think in order to keep your relationship "Fresh and alive" as I do with Jesus, you have to be completely honest with Him with how your feeling. Is there someone you haven't forgiven? (This is how it was for me, I hadn't forgiven someone in my heart so I was putting a burden on my relationship with Jesus without even realizing it) Is there some door on your heart your unwilling to let Him into? (I ran away from my past for a long time and later realized Jesus wanted to use my past to shape my future and give others hope!) These are some things that can easily keep a person from feeling alive in Christ. Jesus really wants to re-ignite His flame in you though my friend! Trust me, there is nothing He wants more! Also, I would suggest praying about your relationship with Jesus A TON. Start praying that Jesus would renew Himself and His presence in your life boldly and that you would reach a whole new level in your relationship with Him that you have never experienced before. Pray too that Jesus would open your eyes to any way you may be unknowingly putting a burden on your relationship with Him. I hope this helps, and of course if you have any more questions I'd love to answer! my email is


    2. Thanks so much Jess, I'll do that, the words of good cheer have really helped. My heart is encouraged!

  2. I enjoy your blog. I'm dealing with alot lately and I know God is working with me and my heart. I'm right there with you girl.

    How do you tell others about Christ if they may not believe or dont want to believe?

    I've been praying alot lately and I know everything happens on God's time Hope you'll come join my blog hop.

    p.s. did you ever get me your guest post?

  3. I thought I'd ask a fun question! :-) What are your favorite stores to shop at?? for clothing? jewelry? accessories?

    Love you! I'll write back to your e-mail tomorrow or this weekend!

    xoxo Miss ALK