Saturday, July 27, 2013

VLOG!: How I overcame depression & anxiety with Jesus

Depression is darkness. Depression is not light. Depression is nowhere near the presence of God.

Depression is the result of leaving God out of the equation. Putting Him second. Forgetting how important it is to maintain a relationship with Him for your entire life. When God gets put second, depression has a way of quickly inserting itself into our lives. 

First depression typically begins with anxiety. You know, those horrible anxious thoughts that terrify you and make you want to run into a corner? That's anxiety. I would know, I used to have anxiety, along with depression.  Watch my video and learn how I overcame anxiety and depression with Jesus's help! and of course, please let me know what you think! I love you all!

Love always, Jess 

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  1. I felt the same way and my depression/anxiety has gotten way better since I started really trying to live how God wants me to! I'm glad you made this a vlog because it made it so much more personal and relatable.

  2. I can relate to the anxiety, although I was never diagnosed clinically, I get super anxious about not being in control, and that has been so much better since getting to know Jesus and learning how to trust Him instead of trying to control my own fate. I do think that sometimes faith isn't enough for some people (myself included who had no faith previously) and that they do need extra help from a counselor, etc. in order to get to know themselves better and make the necessary changes.

  3. Wow love your blog! This post is so helpful and inspirational :) Thank you for your words.
    Penny Rose

  4. You have an awesome story, and your words on your high school friendships remind me so much of the friend trials that I went through in those years! It is amazing how the Lord changed your life. I hope that He does the same with me. Sometimes I feel so guilty about how I don't always do my best to keep up with my relationship with Him as well as I should, but isn't it amazing how He is always there even when we fail? What an amazing Creator we have!

    My one comment is that I think that along with a relationship with God, therapy can also be useful. I don't think that's the only answer, but talking to someone with experience in anxiety and depression can be very useful. I saw a counselor in high school when I was depressed and it was always a good feeling to have someone that would listen to me and not undermine what I was feeling. I also saw a counselor second semester of college for different reasons (resolving an awkward guy situation and transferring colleges) and found that beneficial as well.

    xoxo Miss ALK

  5. This took so much courage to come out and tell your story! So proud of you Jess!

  6. Glad you had the courage to say all of this. gives me courage as well. and hope for tomorrow. You're an INSPIRATION.

  7. I'm really glad you shared your story with all of us. It really is inspirational to hear how your life was turned upside down because of Jesus. I'm really glad that you were able to heal through faith and that you can encourage others to seek God for healing as well.
    Coming from a professional perspective-- I do have to say that depression and anxiety can have very deep (even genetic) roots and cannot always be relieved through faith. God can absolutely give us peace and support, but scientifically we know that depression can be a result of body chemistry that is a little out of whack. Exercise, counseling, and even medications may be necessary for some people to get balanced out again and that is perfectly okay too! I also say this coming from a Christian who suffers with mild bouts of depression. I certainly find strength in Him and such comfort, but I know that I need a little extra help too. Thanks again for sharing your story! Your testimony shares that the Lord can work miracles in our life.

  8. So awesome of you to share your story! I have had my struggles with that too..but I am so thankful because it really drew me closer to our Lord!

    Got to catch up on your blog thankful for your voice here in the blog world, sister! :)

  9. This vlog was amazing! I couldn't have said any of it better myself! Was this taken with your new camera? I am posting this vlog to my blog right now :D

  10. Just stumbled onto your blog.
    Great video, thanks so much for sharing. I had been dealing with anxiety issues myself the last couple of years. The one thing that it has done, is that it has caused me to be more of a seeker of HIM, which has been a HUGE help in relieving those feelings. I am so pleased to know that God has freed you from depression and anxiety. May God continue to bless you.