Saturday, August 3, 2013

S'mores Bars!!! (Easiest thing ever and SO GOOD!)

Hello friends! Today I am sharing my delicious s'mores bars that I made. These things are literally to die for, and simple as ever to make. I made them for my young life summer group the other day and everybody was raving about them. I'm hooked, and I will probably make them about 5 million more times in my life span. Before I begin though, I'd like to let you all know that one of my best friends Julia has officially started blogging over at Living Through His Lens! Julia was one of the first people who led me to Jesus. She is the girl I talk about in my testimony HERE, who was sitting next to me in a coffee shop when God spoke to me in my heart for the first time ever. Julia has a beautiful heart, and her relationship with the Lord is real, personal, and beyond encouraging. I really suggest you follow along her blogging adventures, if you don't you will be missing out, I can guarantee you that!

Now, onto the s'mores bars....

Step 1: Place Honey Graham Crackers evenly into a baking dish. 

Step 2: Take out packaged cookie dough and spread out evenly onto the graham crackers (I used a rolling pin on a cutting board to make the dough as flat as possible before putting it onto the graham crackers and spreading it out more evenly on there)

Step 3: Place milk chocolate pieces all over the cookie dough. 

Oh. My. Yum.

Step 4: Begin to spread out mini marshmallows over the ENTIRE dish (this photo only shows before I completely surfaced the entire dish with marshmallows)

Step 5: Bake in the oven for 350 degrees for about 20-35 minutes until marshmallows are this pretty golden brown color, as pictured below.

Step 6: Take a bite, and forget why you ever favored any ever dessert over this. ever.

Love always,

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  1. That looks amazing! Definitely going to have to try it. =)

  2. this looks good.

  3. Well doesn't this just look delicious? *smiles* Now if only I can find a gluten free graham cracker!!
    :) Rebecca

  4. Oh my goodness. These do not even look real. Wow--how did I not know such a good-looking dessert creature existed? I am DEFINITELY trying this before summer ends. It's going into my recipe pile, right on top!

    Still drooling over this, but I hope you have such a marvelous weekend!

    xo, gina