Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Carry me, Lord

This morning after getting ready for the day, I began to read my devotional and talk to the Lord about what is going on in my life lately. To put things plain and simple, I feel overwhelmed. So much is going on with every area of my life. It's not that I don't like being so busy, because I do, but sometimes its just too much to take on. Sometimes, I find myself becoming anxious and depleted, and wanting to give up. 

It's in these depleting moments that I am reminded that I am not supposed to be doing any of this on my own. This life is not about me, and it never will be. It is about living for Jesus, and learning more about His unconditional love for me more and more every day. This year, I have one very specific goal that I hope to accomplish. I want to become closer to Jesus than I have ever been in my life, and I want to know completely how wide, deep, and never-ending His love is for me. Jesus, in your name, I pray that you would make that goal happen. Help me to know you like that Lord.

Teaching two college freshman public speaking classes, graduate school, new friends, scary new circumstances that make me comfortable yet excited, new challenges, being out of my comfort zone, 15 page papers, nights without a lot of sleep, worshipping Jesus on a Friday night with over 20 people...I think that about sums up my life lately. It has been exciting, scary, fun, overwhelming, and honestly a lot of the time too much for me to take on my own. I feel Jesus asking me every morning: "Jessica, will you let me carry you today? Because You can't make it without me."

My favorite song right now is a song called "Carry me" by Josh Wilson. It is my favorite song right now mainly because this is exactly the phase of life that I am in. I desperately need the Lord to carry my burdens, every minute of the day. Sure this something that I will need the Lord to do for my entire life, but right now especially, I need it more than I ever have. So much is going on in my life, and theres no way I can do any of it without my savior carrying me every step of the way. 

"Carry me, Carry me now,
From my sinking sand, to your solid ground,
The only way your ever going to make it out
Is if you carry me, carry me, now,
God carry me, carry me now."

"Search for the Lord and for His strength;
continually seek Him."
1 Chronicles 16:11

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  1. Wow. Thanks for the reminder that in moments of being overwhelmed by life, we have a Savior that carrys us.

  2. I love that prayer, and I will definitely be repeating it in my devotional time!
    Britt @ One&20