Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The accuser: be aware

Hi blog friends! How are the each of you doing? Life for me over here in graduate school is going well, just stay busy and trusting God in all my circumstances! He is good, my friends.

Lately I have really been struggling with accusation from the enemy. The enemy is always right there waiting for me to make a mistake, so then he can start throwing out lies at me about how I am such a failure and there is no hope for my future. Although these lies sound irrational and are highly unbelievable , I still find myself believing them when the enemy spits them out at me. 

I was reading my devotional by Renee Swope this morning, and it matched exactly up to how I have been feeling lately. She talked about how one of the enemy's goals is to get us to believe lies that leave us feeling inadequate and unsure of ourselves, which is exactly what he did with Eve in the garden. Once Eve ate the forbidden fruit, her eyes were opened, along with her husbands eyes, who also ate the fruit as well. They suddenly became aware of their nakedness, or their inadequacy, and they made coverings for themselves. God then steps in, and asks them who told them they were naked. Or in other words God says: "Who told you that something is wrong with you?" {Genesis 3:11}

Renee then talks about in her devotional about how God wants us to be aware of our enemy, who continuously tries to whisper lies into our hearts and tries to get us to move away from God and from each other. She quotes: "God also wants us to be aware that we have an enemy who is constantly trying to convince us that we're inadequate and that something is wrong with us."

The sad part is that often we go along we Satan's lies, and believe them, as Renee Swope continues to talk about in her devotional. She quotes : "Rarely do we stop to ask: Who is saying these things? Who is causing me to doubt myself? Is it me? Is there something from my past that led me to believe this? Or is it the enemy of my soul disguising his voice as my own?

Today my friends, I encourage to no longer give into believing the lies that Satan whispers to us about ourselves. I pray that we each would stand firm in our faith today, and that we would reflect on the voice of truth in all of our thoughts. Let us remember that we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. {Romans 8:37}

If your looking for a new devotional, I strongly suggest that you look into the devotional I featured today on my blog. Click HERE to check out Renee Swope's "A Confident Heart" devotional!

I love you guys!
Love always, Jess 


  1. So glad I came across your blog today!!


  2. So happy I found your blog and proud that there are still ladies in the blogging world who are open about their belief in GOD! keep up the amazing posts! xx