Sunday, March 22, 2015

What God is teaching me

Hi blog friends! How are the each of you doing? Happy Sunday! I hope that the each of you were able to spend your day in fellowship with others, pursuing the love of Christ and understanding His love for you even more! Today I wanted to talk with you about one of the things God is teaching me. If I had a list of all the different things God has taught me over the past few years, I don't even want to know how long that list would be, ha ha! The point I'm trying to make is that as a Christian, I'm always learning new things about my Savior and what it means to live a life sold out for Him! I decided to write a short condensed list for you guys on the different things God has taught me lately.

     1) Seek the Kingdom of God above everything else. (Matthew 6:33). I have many desires that I feel the Lord has given me recently. These involve ministry, relationships, etc. However, the Lord has made it clear that there is a specific agenda for when these desires will be fulfilled. He has made it clear that it is crucial that I wait on His timing for these desires to be fulfilled. Whether or not Jesus comes before they are fulfilled, I will choose J O Y!

     2) STOP WORRYING about the future. (Matthew 6:34). Often when I want to know what my future holds, I became anxious and overwhelmed, and begin to demand God for an answer at that exact moment. I then realize how selfish this is for me to do, and I repent. God tells us to not worry about the future, and focus on depending on Him moment by moment. I feel so much more peace living my life without worrying about the future.

   3) Intentionally surround myself with a community of people who are like-minded with me through faith. (Hebrews 10:25, 1 Corinthians 15:33) Certain people throughout the past have told me its wrong to surround myself only with a group of Christians like myself. "But Jesus didn't do that! He hung out with sinners!", they have said. Actually, the first thing Jesus told these notorious sinners to do when he was around them was to repent and change their lives around. If they didn't, Jesus didn't stick around with them and hang out with them, he kept moving on and told others to repent! I'm not saying to not speak truth into non-Christians lives, definitely do that if you feel called, but don't spend time with other people who are going to cause you to stumble in your own walk.

...So now it is your turn to share. What is Jesus teaching you right now in your life? I would love to hear what our Savior is teaching you and how His wisdom has impacted your life. I love you guys!

<3 Jess


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  2. Hello!
    Maybe you can post a link of your blog in the video-descriptions. I have seen your videos some months ago and I just found your blog today.

    What Jesus tought me in the near past and in the present:
    * to be the follower of christ and not the follower of a good preacher/pastor/...; to read the bible yourself instand of listening to lots of preachings (I like good preachings, but my _personal_ relationship with Jesus should be the priority)
    * to spend time with god
    * to fight against sin
    * to be authentic; don't hide your sin behind a mask. (James 5:16)

    God bless you!