Friday, June 7, 2013

dreaming BIG with God on our side

Hey guys!!!!!!
Your probably wondering why I sound unusually overly excited today. Well actually that's a lie, I am always overly excited to write to you guys on here, but today there DOES happen to be a little something-something I am excited to share with you guys today. I have FINALLY purchased my new Canon 60D camera!!!! It is so wonderful and beautiful. I absolutely love it to pieces. I can't even look at my iPhone pictures anymore. haha, okay that may be kind of dramatic but it is mostly true. I can still look at them, but can I compare them? No way! This camera far outweighs any other camera I have EVER experienced using before. I can't believe it is mine, what a blessing! Thank you Jesus. The pictures that this thing heart is happy.
The only problem: I have absolutely, no idea what I am doing. Aperture? Shutter Speed? ISO? I don't care just help me take a pretty picture with a blurred background effect, duh! Pretty sure out of nowhere the camera started beeping and I had no idea what was going on. Yeah, its pretty entertaining watching me with this thing. But I am determined, and EXCITED to learn how to use this thing. That is all that matters right?! :)

Anyways, wow I am so happy you guys enjoyed my vlog yesteday! I was seriously thrilled reading all of your lovely comments. I honestly was worried that none of you were going to watch my vlog or that you would get too bored with me to watch the whole thing. I can't believe you guys actually watched it AND liked it! That makes me so happy! As for making more vlogs in the future, I would absolutely love to! Like I said, this gal is a communication major. She LOVES to connect with others! If I were to make another vlog, perhaps there is a topic you would want me to vlog about specifically? or would you guys just want me to vlog like the way I did yesterday? lemme know! :) you guys rock.

I want to encourage you guys today to not give up on any new desire that God has placed on your heart. Right now I am pretty overwhelmed with understanding how to use this camera. I am so passionate about photography and God has already given me a vision of what I want my pictures to look like, but it is just a matter of being patient and trusting in His guidance in helping me to understand how to use this thing exactly. It is going to take time. I know I am going to get frustrated a lot of the time. But since God is behind this passion of mine, I'm never giving up. When we feel God's presence in a new dream we are pursuing, we immediately become more confident in pursuing that dream. It's pretty awesome.

"Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed."
Proverbs 16:3

I am really learning the concept of seeking God first as I venture into the world of understanding how to use this new camera as well. If I tackled my new camera head-on, without pursuing my relationship with God first, my camera would become my idol and I would fail miserably in ever understanding how to use it, let alone my passion for photography would likely disappear without God behind my dream.

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."
Matthew 6:33

So yeah. Dream big my lovely friends, but make sure to keep your relationship with God a priority in pursuing your dreams.  I can't tell you how many times in the past I slipped up when I pursued a new dream God had given me. I let the excitement of pursuing the dream take God's place in my heart, and the joy that I once had for my dream disappeared as my relationship with God too. Pray that God will give you the patience and confidence to keep pursuing that dream He has placed onto your heart, and that you will always make Him a priority in your new dream. Photography isn't my full time job or anything, but it is a hobby I am partaking in and that I know is going to become a bigger part of my life. We don't have to quit our jobs or school to pursue our dreams, sometimes our biggest passions and joys come from those little things we do that fill up the BIG places in our hearts. What new dreams are you guys pursuing right now? Has God put any exciting new desires on your heart recently? I'd love for you to share with me! I love hearing this stuff, but I think you already knew that. :)

I love you guys!

<3 Jess


  1. Jess! Yay, you got it!! How exciting!! That is just so awesome that you got it! I may or may not be just tiny bit jealous over here. ;)

    Putting it in "auto" will make the camera make all those shutter speed/aperture/ISO decisions for you and the pictures will still be good, BUT if you want to take photos like a super real photographer, I'd say either taking a class or getting some videos that'll teach you how to shoot in manual! Or maybe find someone you know who does photography using a Canon and have them start teaching you. :)

    Either way, I'm super excited to start seeing your photography blossom on here! :D

  2. Congrats on the gorgeous new camera! It's always fun to get a new "toy"/tool.
    This was a blessing & encouragement to read. Our God is so faithful to speak directly to hearts of readers who read writers just like you who are willing to write what God wants. <3

  3. Am I allowed to have blogger/camera envy? Hehe! For real though, I'm super excited for you! Can't wait to see all the pretty pictures you take! Also, I loved reading what you said about dreams! Definitely spoke to my heart today xo

  4. Ah! Congrats! I hope you have so much fun learning how to use it and taking pretty pictures :) For me, I love going outside and taking pictures of the lovely creation God has given us. It's such a cool way to enjoy nature and His love for us.

    I loved what you said about keeping your relationship with God a priority over pursuing your seems like you say the things I need to hear! Right now, my excitement is with blogging as well as some other things and it's always good to remember that God comes first; He is the biggest.

    Thanks for sharing this post! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    xo, gina

  5. Wow I have a cannon but its not that big of a zoom. I want a bigger one. The one I want is now on sale for 500 bucks

  6. Turn your f stop down low (2.0 is my favorite) and adjust your light meter to always hit 0 with adjusting your shutter speed and you will get the perfect blurry background :)

  7. Um, the jealousy is coming from over here, too! Seriously, that looks like a really fun camera and I'm going to turn that little bit of envy into excitement for you because I know how much fun DSLRs are and I know how much fun you're going to have! I highly suggest looking for tutorials online (I've found a lot of easy-to-read ones on Pinterest that I'd highly recommend reading) if you're interested in learning more about aperture, f-stops, shutter speed, and the like.

    Have fun girl! :)

  8. YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! You are going to take AMAZING pictures, I just know it:) Yippeee!!! love ya! Katie