Friday, April 3, 2015

VLOG! {Why I don't drink as a Christian}

Hi blog friends! I hope you enjoy my newest vlog. I'm sharing with you guys why I don't drink alcohol as a Christian and how this decision has ultimately been a blessing in my life.

ALSO: Please keep in mind that this video was made in order to encourage those who may have a similar conviction not to drink as Christians. I want them to know that that is a perfectly okay lifestyle to pursue. I did not make this video to make Christians who do drink feel guilty, and I do not judge other Christians who do drink in any way. Not drinking has always just been a personal conviction of mine, and I do believe that we each are given different convictions as Christians.

In Christ,



  1. I too don't drink alcohol as a Christian, mostly because it's against policy at the Christian bookstore where I work.

  2. Thanks for sharing your encouragement on the subject! Even at the age of 23, I sometimes struggle with whether it is appropriate for me to drink or not as a Christian, especially as I have transitioned to graduate school where most of my friends are not Christian and do drink. This was very encouraging to hear from other women my age who have made the decision not to drink. Thank you! Happy Easter! :)

    XO Amanda

  3. thank you for this, I needed to hear this. keep doing what you need to do.