Tuesday, April 30, 2013

renewed heart.

Good afternoon friends!

I love reading all of your posts and understanding your hearts more and more. I am encouraged by the each of you. I love hearing about your different walks with the Lord.

One of my favorite experiences I have had during my relationship with the Lord is seeing how much my heart has been changed because of Him. I am so thankful the Lord was so concerned with what was going on in the inside of me, that He immediately began working on my heart the moment I invited Him inside.

Whenever I ask the Lord to renew my heart, I think I make it a bigger deal than it is. I'm scared that He won't accept my brokenness. I'm scared He wants something more, and that I am not good enough. Then I read scripture and I am revealed the truth. He tells me that there is nothing more that He desires from me than for me to give Him my brokenness (Psalm 51:17), so He can continue to make me new.

God never stops working on us friends. Every day He reveals to us new parts of our hearts that need renewal, or that need growth. It's exciting, not upsetting. It means God wants ALL of you, not just a few small parts.

What are some things that Jesus is currently working on in your heart? What are some awesome ways that you have experienced change in your heart through your relationship with God? I'd LOVE to hear! It would put a smile to my face. Grab a cup of coffee and make yourselves comfortable, friends. Post some lovely comments on here!



  1. I'm working on becoming the kind of woman that would make the best wife possible. I hear this post. I love the song written from Psalm 51.

  2. I'm piggy backing off Cassie. I love the song create in me a clean heart. Oh so good. The Lord is So good! He is currently helping me to satisfy and crave him instead of looking to food or other ungodly things for satisfaction. It's only through him that I will be satisfied. Thanks for this wonderful post! I needed that reminder that I am worth it and that he is the only way I will get rid of these 30 extra pounds!

  3. I have a difficult time accepting help and worse, asking for help. As we get closer to moving time, the Lord has been revealing to me how I try to take everything on myself. I take on too many tasks, everyone's stress, and in the process fail to take care of myself. My friend told me that she is just going to start showing up at my house to help me, even if I turn her down. I need to settle down and accept the blessings the Lord brings me.

  4. What a great verse, I love that song too!

  5. Right now, The Lord has really been urging me to share more of his Word on my blog. I'm getting there and I need to quit fighting it, because He knows what is best!