Thursday, June 13, 2013

God has an open door for you

Hello blog friends! First off, I bought a couple of new shorts a few days ago that I am so excited about. I love buying new shorts for summer! I love these floral and pink ones that I purchased, what do you think? :)

The past few years, I have spent A LOT of time on this lovely little thing you see below. Meet my laptop. We've been besties throughout this whole college thing. As a communication major, I have probably written over 100 papers. The weird thing is though, that I LOVE writing papers. I absolutely love my major, and I am so thankful to be interning for a public relations company. Jesus has blessed me way too much with everything in my life.

Also, meet my other friend that has gotten me through college. Hehe okay just kidding, but seriously college is kinda fun because most teachers don't care if your on your phone during class. Then again, don't do that too much. Or else you won't learn let alone graduate in 4 years. I just wanted an excuse to share this photo with you because I liked it too much. And also, A Beautiful Mess is the best app ever! (duhhh!! ;))

Today I wanted to talk with you guys about the different doors God opens for us in our lives, and also the ones that He closes on us. The thing is guys, when your walking with God, sometimes He will close a door on you that you really were fond of, even if you are walking obediently with Him. I experienced a lot of closed doors by God these past few months. Amazing new opportunities were placed right in front of me, and at the peak of my excitement, suddenly out of no where these new doors were shut right in my face. Yes you read me correctly, I used the plural version of door. DOORS. Sometimes, God closes multiple doors in front of us, and it's downright hard. I was confused. I didn't understand. God would open a door, and even when everything felt so perfectly right about it,  He would suddenly SHUT the new door right in front of my face. He would shut this new door on me in the midst of my joy and excitement. "What are you doing God?!" I asked Him several times during this experience. In the midst of this chaos, I continued to trust Him. Heck, I had no choice! Nothing really was making sense, but I trusted God that He was up to something.

"Have you never heard? Have you never understood? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of all the earth. He never grows weak or weary. No one can measure the depths of his understanding."
Isaiah 40:28

As I told my friends what I was going through, most of them said the same thing: "There is no question God's hand is in what your going through Jess! He will answer your prayer Jess. It's clear He's closing one door after another intentionally, because He wants to give you your BEST." I had a hard time believing my friends as they told me this. Truth is, I was starting to get pretty upset with God at that point. I wanted a door to open, and STAY OPEN. I cried to God multiple nights in a row. "Why dad? Why? Tell me please, give me some sort of sign." I prayed on my knees and lifted up my hands to the heavens, because I was beginning to get desperate.

At the last minute, God opened a door. Finally. FINALLY! It was a door that felt right. I could feel God's gentle, soft, voice whisper into my soul as I walked into this new door. "This is the door I had planned for you all along Jessica," My father told me. I was so thankful, and looking back I couldn't believe how instrumental God was during my process of going through every closed door after another. As frustrating as that whole experience was, I developed perseverance, and my faith grew a whole BUNCH. It was a big ginormous test in my faith, and as thankful as I am for that experience, I'm good taking a breather until the next trial. haha. The point is though friends, When God keeps closing door after door on you, don't give up. It only means that He is teaching you to trust you more, because He wants to give you HIS BEST. I know that phrase is overused and sounds cliche, but its dang true so don't listen to anyone who says its not! God isn't holding out on your life. Trust Him, He wants to show you off, He loves you.

"I know all the things you do, and I have opened a door for you that no one can close."
Revelation 3:8

Is God closing door after door on any opportunities in your life right now? What awesome new doors is opening for you? Are you beginning to doubt Him and waver in your faith if He is closing doors on you? I'd love for you to share with me what your going through, good or bad. I love to learn about your experiences! :). Don't feel guilty admitting your lack of trust of God if He is closing doors on you, I doubted Him a bunch too. Let me know if I can be praying for you in any way.

I love you guys!
xo Jess


  1. Those shorts are too cute! The Lord has been so good this year. He has opened just the right doors and closed the right ones too. He's amazing like that. I'm glad He opened the door so that I could meet you, you are such a treasure and such a talented writer! I would love to chat with you about something the Lord has placed on my heart...and it includes you! Keep shining bright girl! This blog is making a difference in my life! You are a blessing from the Lord Jess!

  2. I love the shorts as well esp the hot pink ones. :D Awesome. HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD. He's always there rain or shine and does amazing work for us in our every day life.

  3. I love that last verse! It gives me so much confidence knowing that God is in control. Not the world. Thank you for sharing today!

  4. Totally understand and praying for doors to open for us now. Thank you... needed to read this today.

  5. It's so true! and I completely understand! Great post :)

    P.S. CUTE shorts!

  6. God recently closed a major door for me concerning a ministry I wanted to do. Now I feel so lost and confused! I'm also struggling being home for the summer. Pray for me, please?

    1. I just prayed for you that God would help you trust Him that He has a better ministry opportunity planned for you and also that He would give you complete joy and peace about being home for the summer-whatever that takes for Him to do! :)