Wednesday, August 21, 2013

anything but that God

Have you ever felt God calling you to do something where your like: "no no no no no NO I do NOT want to do that God! I will seriously do ANYTHING but that God." This could be something big or small, & regardless you just know deep down He wants you to do it. Thats how I have felt these past few days. Its nothing super big, but it still makes me incredibly nervous and uncomfortable by just the thought of doing it. Ugh. God would do this. Ha, I sound like a whiney child. Well I am God's child,  and I'm clearly freaking out about something that He wants me to do. 

& Guess what? It would be easy to run away. To keep moving on with my future and only focus on the "hope and the future God has for me," (Jer. 29:11). Although that verse may be totally true, the truth is that by running away from my fears, I'm actually hurting myself even more. God knows me better than I know myself, and He knows that by doing what He has called me to do that I will be set free from whatever is holding me captive. He knows that by doing this, I will receive great and immeasurable joy from doing so. But still, that doesn't take the fear out of the equation. It's still there, and it will remain up until the deed is done. One of my favorite Christian authors said it best:

"Courage is not the abscence of fear, it is action in the prescence of fear."
-Joyce Meyer 

So my lovely friends, what ridiculous-makes-your-legs-shake-at-the-thought-type-of-thing has God called you to do today? Let's be brave together and face our fears confidently! God is calling us to do these scary things because He sees the joy thats waiting for us right around the corner. 

Love always, Jess 


  1. Beautiful post, love! I LOVE when the Lord calls us to scary things. As nerve racking as they can be, those are the ones that always transform my heart the most :)

    Excited for you!

  2. Love, Love this post girl!! Soo true!!

  3. Amen sister. This is So true!! It is so hard, but I love seeing God work when we obey!

  4. I believe he's been calling me to do missionary work like Katie did in Uganda. yea been feeling this for years. Even when I was young but money and all and lack of things dont make that possible :(