Monday, September 21, 2015

How Worshipping God Impacted my Faith

Hi blog friends!

      How are the each of you doing? I hope that life is going well for the each of you. Today I wanted to share a personal testimony with the each of you about how worshipping God has had a true impact on my faith. When I first became a Christian four years ago, the idea of worshipping God was so foreign to me. How did I worship God? Did I sing to Him? Dance around? I also was clueless to the fact that worshipping God could have a significant impact on my faith. I didn't realize how much joy I could feel from simply raising my hands and worshipping the Lord.

BUT at the time, I also didn't realize that in order for me to really worship God, I had to lay down my own pride and selfishness, jump out of my comfort zone, and just GO FOR IT.  A couple of years later into my walk with Christone of my close friends then said to me, "did you know that the Bible says to raise your hands and worship the Lord?!" (Psalm 134:2). I remember the thought that went through my mind when she said this to me. "Raise my hands?! Absolutely NO WAY. That is so weird and I do not believe that there is any significance toward worshipping God in that way." 

But as I got to thinking about it, this form of worship that is common among Christians today is a popular motion that people demonstrate in a variety of situations when they get excited about something. When our favorite football or basketball team wins the game, what do we do? We raise our hands! We jump around and burst with joy! What do we do when we get that job or promotion that we have been wanting? We raise our hands and jump with joy! Bottom line, when we get excited about something, WE RAISE OUR HANDS!

It finally all came together to me at that moment, and I felt that inclination from the Holy Spirit to raise my hands the next time that I was in worship at Church. Well I did it friends, and let me tell you, i haven't regretted it since. I have honestly felt so much joy from the Lord through raising my hands in worship. I like to think of it this way: Jesus died on the cross for me because He LOVES me. He defeated sin once and for all! I am no longer under the penalty of death that I deserve! Now that, my friends, is something that I want to dance around and raise my hands to for the rest of my life!

Please remember friends, that I did not write this post to condone the Christians who do not raise their hands in worship at Church. I do not believe that if you don't raise your hands when you worship God, then that you are not a Christian. I wrote this post to encourage others to get out of their comfort zones and give worshipping God with their hands a shot. I believe that you will not regret it. I believe that you will experience the presence of God in a way that you never have before. 

What are your guys favorite ways to worship God? How has worshipping God in new ways impacted your faith? Comment below PLEASE! Also, please connect with me on social media! 

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  1. YES! Totally agree and it made me feel strange to think I was so worried about doing something so simple as raising my hands in worship! It has taken me a few years also and I don't do it all the time. Its frustrating when our own insecurities and thoughts take over when it should not even be considered and just get lost in the praise to our King!

    Loved your post - I found such similarity in it :)

    1. Thank you so much Finley for the encouragement! I love reading comments from viewers! I know, right? It is crazy that we get so worried about raising our hands, but once we just do it we feel so much freedom and joy in Christ! I'm happy that you were able to relate to this post! Blessings!

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    1. Thank you! Your blog is seriously so cute! I love it :D